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CMMI® Appraisal, CMMI® Certification, CMMI® High Maturity Appraisals, CMMI Advisory  and CMMI ® Training :

We are a recognised licensed Partner of  CMMI® Institute, USA  ( ) for conducting CMMI® Maturity level 2 / 3/ 4/ 5 Certifications.  As part of  CMMI® V1.3 Appraisal, CMMI® V2.0 Appraisals, CMMI® High Maturity Appraisals  and CMMI® Training worldwide,  we have Certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser  for  conducting SCAMPI SM Appraisal A, B or C  version 1.3  and   V2.0. Appraisal. Our High Maturity SCAMPI Lead Appraiser / Assessor (Madhumita Poddar) is also an author  of CMMI® V 2.0 Model ,  and researcher .  

We are closely associated with CMMI® Institute ,USA . Madhumita is also instrumental in driving multiple geographic locations – enterprise level CMMI® appraisal ( Maturity level 5).

We are a customer-centric organisation and continually drive excellence through the unique amalgamation of industry experiences, knowledge, competencies, capabilities and in-depth research and analysis for making the CMMI journey as a great learning one and demonstrate business value add.

SterlingQ has world renowned CMMI High Maturity  lead Appraiser like Madhumita  having 25 years industry experience. She performed several CMMI® appraisals, helps in streamlining Organisational IT processes into one integrated system and build capability in meeting business expectations. We affirm the development of efficient processes in line with CMMI® that help organisations stay ahead of the competition . Be it IT, Manufacturing, Product, Services we help all Industries. We also undertakes Govt. projects.

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cmmi lead appraiser list