Why To Consider Madhumita(SterlingQ) as Certified CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser ?

Madhumita is having more than 25 years of experienced SW IT professional & recognized global transformation leader cum trainer along with CMMI institute certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser (HMLA), who has helped to transform various big and small organizations through her excellent training of appropriate business alignment with CMMI .

  • Madhumita has been associated with research with SEI CMMI-CMU SW Measurement group in USA for almost 5 years, received award from SEI CMMI . Present actively involved in new CMMI model V2.0 / Next Gen as member of core architecture group of CMMI Institute

  • Madhumita has successfully completed large numbers of CMMI SCAMPI appraisals across various Geos / Countries in the world wide and various cities / smart cities within India for different types of organizational size of small to big with a range varies from 50 to 80,000 total head counts as part of digital transformation, cloud computing, Big Data, Analytics, Smart Cities initiative etc.

  • Madhumita as a successful delivery excellence & business transformation always interprets the best practices from the CMMI model which can be used to incorporate sound software/ product development principles that enable the organization to predictably execute product development/ enhancement, SW IT programs/ projects using different methodologies – agile, waterfall, iterative etc..

  • This helps to establish a foundation of processes that balance stability and agility, and equip the Organization / Business Unit to drive for their clients’ “transformation & continual improvement ”

  • As part of CMMI 5 implementation & transformation training, appraisal , she always validates any organization’s’ ability to execute high quality, complex product development , projects / programs on-time and within budget, and to help clients realize desired returns from their investments along with real Business Value Add (BVA).

  • She always ensures during each and every CMMI Journey & appraisal, the Organizational Unit (OU) should improve their respective key capabilities and elevate performance with a clear path for improvement with emphasis on business needs, integration and institutionalization, which usually demonstrated as an outcome of every appraisal result/ findings

  • As a result the organizations with Madhumita as lead appraiser, have seen the real behavioral changes, after successful completion of CMMI appraisal, both at management and staff levels. Examples:

    • Increased personal accountability & accomplishment

    • Tighter links between Product Management, Development, process implementation & improvement in key performance indicators