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CMMI V2.0 includes the following changes from V1.3: Focus on Performance: New performance practices have been built into the CMMI V2.0 model

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CMMI V2.0 is a globally-recognized set of best practices that enable organizations to improve performance, key capabilities, and critical business processes.

You can access the CMMI Development V2.0 model several different ways. … Includes the CMMIDevelopment V2.0 model, Adoption and Transition Guide, CMMI DEV V2.0 Quick Reference Guide,CMMI DEV V1.3 to V2.0 mapping, and any future content publications within the license term.

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Quality concerns that have been escalated to the CMMI Institute include:

a) some interpreters have no knowledge of the CMMI,

b) some have never taken CMMI training,

c) interpreters have been disruptive to the appraisal delivery,

d) interpreters are assisting interviewees to provide the correct answers to questions rather than translating directly what was said to allow the appraisal team to make the correct interpretation of the answers, or 

e) they don’t understand the intent/context of some CMMI terminology.

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CMMI Institute  will begin accepting CMMI Development V2.0 appraisals in January of 2019. However, appraisers can begin submitting appraisal preparation requests and documents in October 2018, when the random sampling needs to be started.

CMMI V2.0 Appraisals may be conducted starting in January 2019, but CMMI V2.0 Appraisal System Delivery is delayed. V2.0. Hence Benchmark Appraisals will be accepted through a temporary process.

Until the V2.0 Appraisal System is ready in Q3 2019, all V2.0 appraisals will be handled through a temporary, manual process.

Important Dates Published by CMMI Institute during Q4 – 2018 Quarterly Partner Webinar :

  • CMMI V2.0 Appraisals Random Sample Generation begins 1 November 2018

  • First available Phase 2 Start Date: 1 January 2019

  • Appraisal System Available: Q3 2019

Extracts of some of the very frequently asked questions and its published responses from CMMI Institute during Q4 – 2018 Quarterly Partner Webinar deck:

i) What will the temporary process involve?

The temporary process will include :

  • Appraisal Registration (starting 10 Oct 2018)

  • Random Sample Generation (starting 1 Nov 2018)

  • Appraisal Submission (Starting 1 Jan 2019)

  • Appraisal Review and Closure (upon submission)

  • Appraisal Publication (upon closure)

  • The process has been designed to limit interruption of the appraisal delivery for Partners and your customers.

ii) What must I do to conduct an appraisal in Q1?

To understand the volume and plan the capacity needed to support appraisals through the temporary process, CMMI Institute is  asking that all V2.0 Lead Appraisers notify CMMI Institute of upcoming V2.0 appraisals through the following steps:

  • CMMI Institute will send an email to all V2.0 Lead Appraisers with a link to the “CMMI V2.0 Appraisal Notification Template.” 10 October 2018

  • Lead Appraisers will complete and submit the “CMMI V2.0 Appraisal Notification Template” to V2-review@cmmiinstitute.com. 10 – 31 October 2018

  • CMMI Institute will send detailed instructions to all V2.0 Lead Appraisers for the temporary manual appraisal process via email. 1 November 2018

  • CMMI Institute will begin generating random samples for appraisals with 60 day lead time. 1 November 2018 5. CMMI V2.0 Appraisals can be conducted. 1 January 2019

iii) Will the V2.0 Appraisal system delay impact V1.3  appraisals which are planned or on going ?

No. CMMI V1.3 Appraisals will continue to be submitted and processed through the SCAMPI Appraisal System (SAS).

iv) What happened with the V2.0 Appraisal System?

The appraisal system availability shifted from the original plan of Q1 2019 due to turnover in CMMI Institute’s  internal development team which led to the decision to outsource the remaining development to a trusted software vendor. CMMI Institute has worked with this vendor previously and they delivered high quality software on time and on budget.

For more details……Pls refer to the CMMI Institute site: https://cmmiinstitute.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115014104828-When-will-you-begin-to-accept-CMMI-V2-0-appraisals-

As per the latest communication made by CMMI Institute during Q4 – 2018 Quarterly Partner Webinar :

The Sunset date for CMMI V1.3 appraisals for Development, Services, and Acquisition will be 30 September 2020. This will also be the last day for teaching V1.3 courses.

 The requirements to be an Appraisal Team Member (ATM) on a CMMI V2.0 appraisal are as follows: 

  1. Potential ATMs must possess at least 3 years of experience performing the type of work being appraised. (An appraiser may accept one team member with less than 3 years’ experience with rationale recorded in the appraisal plan.)

  2. Potential ATMs must have taken an official introduction course or upgrade course for CMMI V2.0. These courses will be one of the following:

    • Foundations of CapabilityAND a View-specific course (i.e. Building Development Excellence for an ATM who would like to participate on a CMMI Development appraisal)

    • CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training (completed through either an in-person OR e-learning offering (e-learning available Q4 2018)).

  3. All ATMs must take and pass the Certified CMMI Associate Exam. This exam will be assigned to any individual who is signed up for Foundations of Capability. 

Please see How to Upgrade Your CMMI Training for more information. 

*For an individual who would like to participate on a High Maturity appraisal for CMMI V2.0, they also need to have taken the High Maturity Concepts course. 

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