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Voice of Intellect

Partner | Head – Enterprise Integration (Methods, Tools & Governance),

Intellect Design Arena Limited

Dear Madhumita,

        What stands out is your ability to understand the business and where an initiative like CMMI fits into the overall scheme of things in a large organization. So while most appraisers would approach what is required from a theoretical standpoint, what makes the organization comfortable is your ability to marry the requirements of the CMMI model with what is practical to implement from a project standpoint. Your vast experience on the delivery side gives you an edge in this area.

         We have always found your inputs & feedback  as Lead Appraiser to be logical and realistic. This also increases the trust quotient with the delivery teams considerable. Your openness in sharing your knowledge and experience is highly appreciated, especially with ATMs who continue to keep in touch even after formal SCAMPI A appraisal completion and get professional guidance from you.       


Voice BEAS

CEO and Director

Dear Madhumita

I would like to put on record the contribution you have made to our Company BEAS Consultancy and Services Pvt. Ltd,  as  High Maturity Lead Appraiser :

i) Your training of the  ATMs and bringing in a strong process focus both within them as well as their urging the rest of the Organization to meet the required objectives, set a strong implementation focus within the Organization.  Frankly, I had not seen such earnest in process compliance within us before – and that practice created both expertise and confidence within the team.

ii) During the actual appraisal process you helped us to refine both our understanding as well as our implementation, with your critical enquiries to all participants as of how and why each process was to be followed and brought about a much stronger understanding and buy-in of the practices. Your relentless efforts in completing the appraisal on time and with complete documentation of your findings has really been an example for us.

iii) Finally, your advise and recommendations on further improvements in our execution process has been very well received by our team and we have already started on the initiatives of imbibing Tools, institutionalizing Re-use, stronger involvement of team-members in the project management process and TNA. We hope to derive business value through these. 

Your engagement and involvement with us as a High Maturity Lead Appraiser, has been both a pleasure and a tremendous learning experience for us and we look forward to benefitting further in our business through your involvement in our future CMMI appraisals. 

Voice of Yash Technologies

Chief Operating Officer-COO , Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd


Thanks a lot & I would like to inform that you have been a wonderful Lead Appraiser that we have come across who doesn’t have the attitude and is very approachable. You have been very meticulous in your approach to the appraisal. In the past we have had multiple appraisers working with YASH but we have had the best experience. You have also contributed to us greatly by your knowledge on the subject to guide us in the right direction. I sincerely wish to thank you once again and also if any time you need any reference please feel free to use YASH Technologies as one of your most satisfied customer.

YASH Technologies appraised at CMMI Maturity level 5


Dear Madhumita,

I am very happy to note that we have successfully completed our appraisal program for both Techno Brain Research & Development Centres at India and Kenya.  It was a very well organized and structured assessment that helped us in timely completion of CMMI audits & interviews. Thank you for your support, guidance and driving the entire appraisal team as a high maturity Lead appraiser to achieve the results together.  We appreciate your insights and valuable suggestions as an outcome of SCAMPI A appraisal and they mean a lot to us to improve our business and process.

As part of SCAMPI A appraisal …Your expert feedback comments  helped us in facilitating the continual process improvement and your suggestions to apply our learnings more rigorously in our day today business is very well received and some of them already started paying off in streamlining our operations that would ultimately help us achieve our organization goals i.e. customer satisfaction and project profitability.  You have lead all the teams very effectively and brought in collaboration in our complex SBU, MU & PMO structure along with QA that’s spread across continents through a very well-coordinated effort and disciplined manner.

I have personally taken note of generic feedback also as that would greatly help improve our employee satisfactions.

Overall, I would say it was a wonderful experience having you as our CMMI HMLA.  We highly recommend and look forward to working with you in future again.

Best Regards,


Sriram Kanuri :

Chief Executive Officer, ArteriaTechnologies Pvt Ltd

Dear Madhumita,

It’s been a great pleasure working with you as a Lead Appraiser.

The insights provided and the thoroughness with which you conducted the CMMI SCAMPI A Appraisal has really helped the organization improve on the existing practices and ensure we truly get the outcome that is desired of such an initiative.

Wish you all the best in all your endeavors and looking forward to working with you again. 

Appreciation from IBM

Dear Madhumita,

I am delighted to inform you of your selection as a Best of IBM 2014 honoree.  This is one of IBM’s highest honors, shared by just 500 IBMers each year.  To celebrate and recognize your accomplishments, you and a guest are invited to join me and IBM’s senior management team on the African island nation of Mauritius on May 5-8 2015. 

In a company of our size, the Best of IBM is a significant career achievement.  You were nominated by your management team and ultimately chosen by IBM senior leaders over a three-month process.  IBMers from all job roles and every part of the world were considered.  You were selected for your outstanding performance, but also for exemplifying our Purpose, Values and Practices to make IBM essential to our clients.

We have prepared a private IBM Connections Community just for you and your fellow honorees, to which you will receive an invitation on Monday.  I encourage you to use this Community to introduce yourself, get to know each other, plan activities and celebrate.
Congratulations, and enjoy this recognition to the fullest.  You have earned it.


Ginni Rometty                  

IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer