SMEs support

Experienced Quality / Delivery Excellence SMEs personnel support :

SterlingQ  has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that can help the organization with following types of consulting  and its roles and responsibilities :

A: Delivery Excellence & Metrics – High Maturity  Analytics SME :

  • Guidance on implementation of defined Quality Management System

  • Facilitation on organization wide metrics & measurement deployment deployment.

  • Help & handhold in planning for Process implementation and institutionalization

  • Recommending improvements/ tailoring in processes during implementation as part of extended SEPG.

  • Helping the organizations to build the Process Asset Library with Lesson Learned / best practices in a continual basis

  • Help in identifying team of internal auditors & train identified internal auditors. To sustain the process implementation

  • Conduct internal reviews & audits through interviews and document reviews etc.

  • Facilitate High Maturity Practice for Implementing Maturity Levels 4 & 5 of CMMI –DEV & CMMI SVC

B: Strategic Business Development & Enhancement  SME:

  • Handle end-to-end various consulting worldwide multi country accounts spread over 24 – 36 months and involves contract finalization, client liaison, scheduling/managing, delivery of services, issue resolution and key performance improvements and realization of business value adds

  • Create unique value proposition in multiple scenarios (say, individual client, cluster-approach, collaborative environment) considering profitability

  • Empathizing with client issues and providing business solutions within approved budgetary constraints using collaborative approach along with multi language and culture scenario

  • Provide business value-added (BVA) types of services for customer delight resulting business growth

  • Making client presentation with greatest impact (in-person, over tele-call or video-call) during bidder conferences and other related important occasions

  • Market study and analysis for future approach and trends, lead generation and tracking

  • Use of appropriate modernized tools, techniques for effecting monitoring, tracking and analysis as a part of continual improvement

C: Client  Relationship Management SME:

  • Take ownership to provide thought leadership on appropriate direction to client

  • Manage client expectations vis-à-vis capability and risk considerations

  • Treat each client as unique and resolving issues in a collaborative way

  • Negotiate scope/budget/schedule/cost constraints for a win-win solution

  • Identify client as stakeholder and provide visibility into project progress

  • Keep client focus on long-term gains (ROI) together with short-term benefits

 D: Team development & Group Management SME:

  • Manage groups with multi-country, multi-time zone, multi-language, multi-culture across the globe for allocated team members

  • As business owner, manage diverse business development teams

  • Provide thought leadership and technical direction for the other teams

  • Break-down the team goal/targets to sub-team and individual goals/targets

  • Align individual aspirations for contribution and growth within the team and the organization

  • Manage individual and overall team performance, provide timely performance feedback

  • Provide status report to senior management and identify potential high-fliers for future grooming

 E: Project  & Product Management SME:

  • Provide leadership to the project / product team (act as a bridge between global management and team)

  • Client interaction and resolving issues

  • Estimate the project and program parameters and identify scope of the project

  • Manage the project / product delivery within approved budget and schedule

  • Project/ product and program planning (Overall Project plan and detail plans) and tracking through business KPIs(Key Performance Indicators)

  • Focus on process & performance improvement with a predictive and analytic behaviors